Monash Art, Design and Architecture harnesses the benefits of creative and critical practice. Our research helps to see things differently, to raise new questions and develop innovative solutions.

As part of Monash University, we have a distinct capacity for interdisciplinary collaboration to advance knowledge and catalyse change. Through our research and our research labs, our academics play a prominent role in Australia’s creative culture, as well as in addressing global challenges.

Our approach

We amplify our shared strengths and maximise impact and opportunities by coming together, across labs, across departments, across the university and with industry, our international scholarly peers and communities.

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Our research labs

At Monash Art, Design and Architecture we take an applied approach to research. Our research labs operate across traditional modes (such as books and articles) and non-traditional modes (such as artworks, exhibitions, buildings and design projects). We integrate interdisciplinary approaches into projects, which results in our work having significant impacts on societal challenges.

Design Health Collab

Design Health Collab works on high-impact design research at the intersection of design, health and care.

Emerging Technologies Research Lab

Emerging Technologies Research Lab researches the social, cultural, and experiential dimensions of the design, use and futures of new and emerging technologies.

Future Building Initiative

Future Building Initiative works with industry and government stakeholders to explore better building practices and built form outcomes.

Informal Cities Lab

Informal Cities Lab works at the intersection of research and development aiming to address the challenges of vulnerable communities in informal settlements.

Monash Art Projects (MAP)

Monash Art Projects (MAP) is a collaborative studio that seeks to transform how we think of art in the public sphere.

Mobility Design Lab

Mobility Design Lab facilitates the transition from carbon-fuelled private vehicles to a cleaner, inclusive, active and shared mobility landscape.

Monash Urban Lab

Monash Urban Lab focuses on how we can reset, repair and reimagine our relationship with the built environment through architecture and urban planning.


Sensilab is an interdisciplinary team of researchers that explore the innovative creative applications and undiscovered opportunities of technology.
Background image: Callum Morton, Silverscreen, 2010