Curator-in-residence applications open

A Diachronic Wind, Curated by Tim Riley Walsh, photography by Christian Capurro

MADA Gallery is a contemporary art space located at Monash University, Caulfield Campus in the Faculty of Art Design & Architecture (MADA). Along with examination exhibitions by PhD candidates, MADA Gallery hosts a programme of exhibitions by artists, curators, designers, architects, and other creative practitioners.

Applications are now open for a year-long curator in residency programme in which you will have the opportunity to deliver two curated exhibitions. The application process is open to anyone. The gallery welcomes applications from Australian and international practitioners, including those from Monash academic and professional staff, current students, and alumni.

As a gallery space located within a tertiary school, MADA Gallery welcomes proposals that are speculative, propositional, and experimental.. We are especially interested in proposals that engage students, connect to the most urgent issues and ideas of our time, or think provocatively and critically about the relationship between exhibition-making, teaching, and research. Proposals should consider how the programme can connect to all three Departments within the MADA Faculty: Art, Design and Architecture. We will also look favourably on proposals that connect with the key priorities of the University, including Climate Change, Geopolitical Security, and Wellness; and/or the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture research areas.

As the successful applicant will be invited to facilitate two exhibition outcomes across the year, proposals should both address the individual elements of each proposed exhibit and also how the two exhibitions combined to build upon one another to form a cohesive exhibition program.


Ecological duo announced as curators-in-residence at MADA Gallery for 2023

Chantelle Mitchell and Jaxon Waterhouse have been awarded the MADA Gallery Curators in Residence for 2023.

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Exhibition program

The successful applicant will be granted two exhibitions during the year. While dates can be negotiated there will be some requirements to coincide with key campus activities, such as Open Day in August. The duration of each exhibition is a minimum of 3 weeks.

The total exhibition budget across two exhibitions is $18,000 plus a curator fee of $6,000. Applicants are granted discretion to decide how they divide these resources across the program. We encourage applicants to also consider sourcing additional funding through grant applications or other fundraising, and support can be provided with this process.

The applicant also has the option to request the loan of works from the Monash University Collection (managed by MUMA).

The Budget must cover the following expenses:

  • Artist fees
  • Artwork loan fees
  • Transport of artwork
  • Any publication costs or specific signage for the exhibition (posters/lettering, etc.)
  • Contingency

MADA Gallery will provide:

  • Installation support (1-2 days per exhibition plus advice and consultation from the Gallery Manager in the lead-up to the exhibitions)
  • Equipment including projectors, speakers, media players, screens
  • Gallery Assistants who can provide administrative assistance
  • Digital invitations and social media
  • Line listings in Art Almanac and Art Gallery Guide
  • Professional documentation of the exhibition
  • Event opening costs, including catering and wait staff

MADA Gallery facilities

  • Dimensions are 9 x 14 m (download a copy of the plans here)
  • Track and spotlights available
  • AV equipment is available including TVs, projectors, media players, sound systems
  • Invigilation is provided on Friday and Saturday by the Gallery Assistant and by student volunteers during the week
  • Gallery Hours are Wednesday - Friday 10 - 5 and Saturday 12 - 5

How to submit a proposal

Please provide up to 3 x  A4 pages of text that include:

  1. Project Summary -  a detailed description of your proposed program, including a rationale for each of the exhibitions and a brief explanation of how the two exhibitions will relate to one another.
  2. A brief CV of the person/s applying for the residency
  3. For each exhibition, a list of artists or practitioners and proposed work to be included
  4. A description of how works will be installed and displayed
  5. An explanation of how the exhibition engages MADA audiences and relates to a tertiary education context and strategic goals, including any proposed public programs

In addition to the above please provide:

  • up to 10 captioned images or video / audio / weblink  relevant to the exhibition
  • a draft budget listing income and expenditure and any additional funding you might bring to the project

Please collate all of the above into a single PDF document and submit it to:

Proposals are due by 15 May 2023
Applicants will be notified of the decision in June 2023

We thank you for your applications and please note we will not be considering artists' self curated solo presentations for the curated MADA Gallery programme.

All enquiries to or 9903 4034.
If you require an alternative format for applying please contact us to discuss this option.