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Tackling ageism through design

What role does architecture and design play in encouraging independence as Australia’s population gets older and less mobile?

Designing safer cities

Why do some parts of a city feel safe and others have an edge of danger?

Women in architecture

In an unprecedented moment in Victoria, every university school of architecture is headed by a female leader.

The 'wicked problem' of hospital handwashing

It sounds like a simple task: how do you make sure that health care workers in hospitals wash their hands?

Is Arden-Macaulay Melbourne’s next newest neighbourhood?

A few minutes from the CBD of Melbourne lies 144 hectares of underused land. It’s centrally located and easily accessed. So why do so few people live or work there?

MADA graduates win with The Design Kids

Four MADA graduates are amongst the just-announced winners at The Design Kids 2017 TDK Awards.

Call for Studio Proposals

Are you interested in teaching Architecture at Monash University?

Dr Carl Grodach selected to lead Monash’s new Master of Urban Planning and Design

Researcher and educator Dr Carl Grodach has been selected as Foundation Head of Monash University’s new Master of Urban Planning and Design course.