Ian Wong

Ian Wong Ian Wong Senior Lecturer, Design / MA Industrial Design (China) Program Coordinator
+61 3 990 34320 Monash University Department of Design Monash University Research Portal

Ian Wong is director of EJO and an industrial designer with over twenty five years of professional practice experience.

A graduate from RMIT industrial design, Ian began his career with John Westwood Design Associates. Ian's projects have ranged from one-off objects like the RMIT Ceremonial Mace to brain scanning equipment and million-dollar high-speed agricultural sorting equipment. Ranges like the pak range for Silvan Australia have recently been reported as the 'hills hoist' of rural Australian farm life. This range continues to create significant commercial success for Silvan. Ian's first product for Silvan, the trukpak, designed in 1989, is still a very successful product and most farms in Australia would have a product designed by Ian.

Ian is currently Program Director - Master of Industrial Design at MADA Monash University. This double Master’s degree is delivered at the Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School Suzhou in China. Ian has worked previously as design manager for Outerspace Design and Silvan Australia, and lectured also at RMIT and Swinburne University. Ian is a national councilor of the Design Institute of Australia and a director of Melbourne Movement.

Ian's research into the history of Industrial Design in Victoria is documented in his blog and has resulted in many public exhibitions.

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