Professor Mathew Aitchison

Professor Mathew Aitchison

Professor Mathew Aitchison

Director, Future Building Initiative

Department of Architecture

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Graduate research supervisor

Dr Mathew Aitchison is Interim CEO of Building 4.0 CRC. He is Professor of Architecture at Monash University, where he also directs the Future Building Initiative. Mathew was previously Professor of Architecture at the University of Sydney and director of the Innovation in Applied Design Lab (IAD Lab). Mathew is a researcher, teacher and designer with extensive international experience. Leading up to his current role as CEO of Building 4.0 CRC, Mathew directed a series of large, collaborative research projects exploring industrialised building funded by industry and government.

Mathew’s research outputs focus on the opportunities and challenges arising from industrialised building. He is lead author of PREFAB HOUSING AND THE FUTURE OF BUILDING: PRODUCT TO PROCESS (Lund Humphries, 2018). Earlier publications include, THE ARCHITECTURE OF INDUSTRY: PARADIGMS IN INDUSTRIAL BUILDING AND PLANNING, (Ashgate, 2014), of which Mathew is editor and contributing author. Mathew’s early scholarship focused on 20th century architectural and urban design discourses. His publications in this field include, VISUAL PLANNING AND THE PICTURESQUE (Getty, 2010), the first publication of Nikolaus Pevsner’s previously unpublished treatise on urban design and architecture. He has published widely, in international journals such as the Journal of Architectural Education, AA Files, Journal of Architecture, and Fabrications, along with numerous book sections and conference papers.

Mathew has worked as an architect and teacher internationally: in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the U.S.A. and Australia. Through Building 4.0 CRC and the work of the Future Building Initiative Mathew continues to develop projects and design research collaborations with private and public bodies in Australia and internationally.

Mathew is not currently accepting additional PhD students.

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