Dr Ilya Fridman

Dr Ilya Fridman

Ilya is a designer, maker, researcher and educator.

Through his engagement with the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, his work explores how design thinking and making can contribute to interdisciplinary research contexts and what role designers might play in collaboratively reimagining future possibilities for sustainable development. His research interests include co-design, design thinking, emerging technologies, interdisciplinary research and sustainable development.

Ilya has worked on industry and government funded research projects in collaboration with researchers from Design, Engineering, Information Technology and Business, alongside participation from various industry and public stakeholders. Recently completed projects include industry funded work to assist Volgren in the design of Victoria’s first battery-electric route bus, City of Melbourne funded research to explore public perception of Smart City technologies and Bus Association of Victoria funded research to assist industry members in transitioning to Zero Emissions technologies in public transport buses.

As the Program Director of Design Thinking, Ilya leads a diverse team of educators to empower aspiring entrepreneurs across the university with transferable and industry relevant design skills. He is interested in how design methods and mindsets may be positioned across disciplinary boundaries to address complex interdisciplinary challenges. As part of his teaching, Ilya explores new technologies to enhance student engagement and learning experience. In 2021, he received the Vice-Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning.

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Improving Volgren’s route bus manufacturing, performance and user experience using holistic design.

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