Visit from the Mayor of Makassar

Visit from the Mayor of Makassar

  • 7 July 2022, 3.15–5pm
  • Room G1.04, Building G,
    Caulfield Campus

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Join us for a lecture and Q&A with Ir. H. Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto, Mayor of Makassar.

Makassar is home to a pilot site for the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) program. RISE works with communities, governments, local leaders and partner institutions on improving sanitation, mitigating flooding, and improving dwelling and open space provision for informal settlements.


  • 3:15pm – 4:15pm Lecture and Q&A in G1.04
  • 4:15 – 5:00pm Reception in the G Concourse

About Ir. H. Mohammad Ramadhan Pomanto

Ir. H. Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto, known as Pak Dan Pomanto was born in Makassar, South Sulawesi, where he is the current Mayor. He has served in this position since 8 May 2014, when he and his deputy Syamsu Rizal were sworn in by the Governor of South Sulawesi Syahrul Yasin Limpo. Now in his second term, he and his Deputy Mayor Mrs Fatmawati Rusdi, continue to support the future development of Makassar until 2026.

Pak Dan Pomanto is an architect and former lecturer in the department of architecture at Hasanuddin University, Makassar.

About the lecture

Makassar twice better 2026

In his lecture, the Mayor will cover the following topics:

Timeline of Makassar

Contains historical, cultural, and political ties that influence the direction of development and policies of the city of Makassar under the leadership of Mayor Pak Dan Pomanto.

Building Makassar with Architectural Science

As one of the lecturers of Architecture at Hasanuddin University, Mr Pan Dan Pomanto ponders a lot on architectural elements in planning the development of the city of Makassar, starting from the 'point' that describes the process, the 'anatomy' that leads to the 'autonomy' of an independent city system, the creation of spaces for the city. a space that shapes people's behaviour and respects the duality of diversity as well as the uniformity of the Indonesian people, especially the heterogeneous Makassar which is arranged in a harmonious composition, as well as turns ideas into detailed realities.

Building an Inclusive Makassar (Social engineering)

The Mayor is also committed to embracing as many and as diverse people as possible to collaborate in thinking about the development of the city of Makassar. Building a city as big as Makassar cannot be done alone but requires the participation of all people, especially the general public. In addition, Makassar must acknowledge the existence of those living with vulnerabilities (persons with disabilities, children, women, and the elderly) and strive to provide the best services for them.

Makassar Resilient City

As a coastal city, Makassar has a vulnerability to natural disasters (floods, tornadoes), especially in the midst of uncertain climate change, with floods stalking Makassar residents, and inundating the streets and houses of residents. Adaptive mitigation measures are needed to overcome them because disasters not only have a material impact but also provide a psychological burden for those who are directly affected.

Building Makassar with Innovation

Innovation is inseparable from the Makassar city development strategy. In the midst of an increasingly sophisticated flow of information technology, Makassar must be able to adapt. At least by accommodating citizens and the city with a smooth communication network (sombere') as well as the application of hi-tech to monitor and enforce the law and maintain the safety of citizens (men, especially women) within the scope of Makassar City. One of the leading innovations nationally is the Makassar Metaverse program, which tries to introduce Makassar City spaces in the virtual world, including the management of digital services based on intelligent systems.

Makassar is facing a pandemic

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, and the possibility of other pandemic storms in the future requires an agile coping-mechanism strategy. Because this came unexpectedly and was able to significantly weaken the city's economy. Innovations in the health sector and disaster mitigation are urgently needed to quickly record/identify those who are infected and prevent/isolate the spread of viruses that cause pandemics.

Building Makassar's future

Makassar is a unique city, different from other cities. This needs to be highlighted from the positive side so that it becomes a special trademark for the city of Makassar in the global eyes. Makassar positions itself as a friendly city (sombere') which means to become a 'friend' to anyone who comes to visit this city.

Architect adaptive leadership in Makassar

Mr Pak Dan Pomanto is an architect who can lead from an architectural perspective through a network of architects throughout the city of Makassar to jointly contribute to making the city of Makassar more livable, humanist, and ecologically viable. An architect is different from 'people who build' in general. In Bugis/Makassar terms, the architect is referred to as 'Panrita', namely a person who is respected for his humanistic nature, knowledge, and compassion for the community he leads.

Makassar Today (On-going progress of City of Makassar)

Makassar today is a city that lives with hustle and bustle in all directions, from the coast to remote urban villages and alleys that become city cells. Starting from the twinkling of high-rise buildings to the silence under the bridges of the city's canals. Makassar with various advances in terms of physical development, bureaucracy, political will, tourism, creative economy, etc. Of course, there are still things that need to be addressed and it requires an active role from all of its residents and stakeholders.

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