Mobility Design Lab

A uniquely situated group of design researchers working across the mobility landscape.

Mobility Design Lab
Selby Coxon (Director), Robbie Napper (Deputy Director), Andrew Parkes (Adjunct Professor) and Graham Currie (Adjunct Professor), Vincent Moug (Researcher)

PhD candidates
Lisa Fu, Casey Huen, Mitali Kaedi, Amy Killen, Jennifer Rivera-Gonzalez, Sara Roberts and Luke Valenza

We encourage enquires for future research projects and collaborations.

Mobility Design Lab
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield East VIC 3145

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From personal to public transport, bikes to buses, family cars to autonomous vehicles, Mobility Design Lab (MDL) researchers are experts at designing to better understand how and why we get from place to place. Affiliated with the Monash Institute of Transport Studies, the Mobility Design Lab is focused on how design might improve the physical, environmental and experiential aspects of mobility.

The Mobility Design Lab combines evidence-based research methods and real world solutions with design-led innovations that challenge prevailing orthodoxy. Our research mediates connections between science, government, engineering and user experiences of mobility systems. We engage with user-centred and participatory research techniques to reveal new insights into passenger experiences. We are passionate problem solvers with a strong track record of realising our work made real in the world.

Candidates undertaking Monash University’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are challenged to apply new thinking to interpret – and solve – complex questions. Here are some of the projects they’re currently investigating.

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Recent news

Banner artwork: Ilya Fridman, Battery-Electric Route Bus: A Platform for Vehicle Design, 2016