Independent Housing for Young People Recovering from Mental Illness

  • Investigators

      • Cameron Duff
      • Monash University
      • Keith Jacobs
      • Stephen Loo
      • University of Tasmania

The links between mental illness, unstable housing and homelessness are well documented in youth populations in Australia, with recent estimates suggesting that 50–75 per cent of homeless youth have some experience of mental illness.

This project aims to enhance understanding of the role of informal community resources in supporting stable housing and social inclusion for young people recovering from mental illness by:

  • Identifying the informal community resources, relationships and supports that facilitate the acquisition and retention of stable housing for youth in recovery.
  • Identifying the various ways youth recovering from a mental illness utilise these informal resources and relationships in support of stable housing.
  • Identifying ways that informal community resources might be mobilised in the design of novel housing and social inclusion initiatives for youth in recovery.