Stawell Steps

Photograph: Peter Bennetts

A site-specific piece of flood mitigation infrastructure.



  • Jennie Lang
  • Claire Scorpo

Funded by

  • Krause Bricks
  • Ron Walker Foundation
  • Victorian Government’s Department of Planning and Community Development
  • Think Brick Australia
  • The Country Education Project
  • Monash University Museum of Art

The project has delivered terrific flood-protection infrastructure to a town that was swamped by 1.5 metres of water in 2011.

Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell

The multi-award winning Stawell Steps provided a unique approach to this risk-mitigation activity. Designed and made by architects and architectural students and others using locally made bricks, the resulting spillway structure addressed the flooding problem by redirecting floodwaters and protecting businesses and homes surrounding the lake from potential damage.

At the same time, the Stawell Steps provides an engaging piece of public architecture in a much-loved community space. The project was a collaboration between 11 organisations and individuals from the private, public and education sector, another aspect of the project that contributed to its success.

Design: Hiroshi Nakao and Monash Architecture
Client: Northern Grampians Shire Council
Structural Engineer: Peter Felicetti
Construction: Northern Grampians Shire Council and Monash Architecture students

MADA students
Claire Audley, Tamara Bird, Ashleigh Briggs, Lyndal Cleary, Liam Eastop, Jesse Gould, Linda Huynh, Brenna Kinnaird, Virginia Mannering, Daniel McKenna, Emma Parkinson, Robert Randell, Kirby Rees, Chris Rigney, Amy Shaw, Julie Sloane, Lauren Trainor, Daniel Wallis, Kathryn Walter, Hanah Wexler