TramLab Toolkits

Improving the safety of women and girls on public transport.



  • Dr Ilya Fridman
    Hannah Korsmeyer
    Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Dr Jess Ison
    La Trobe University

Partner organisations

  • La Trobe University
  • RMIT University

Funded by

  • Victorian Government

This research explored the gendered nature of safety, design and spaces and the Toolkits provide practical, gender-sensitive solutions for action on these issues.

Associate Professor Nicole Kalms

TramLab brings together pioneering research expertise from La Trobe University, Monash University XYX Lab and RMIT, in violence against women; gender, space and design; and technology-facilitated sexual violence and harassment, to investigate the issues and factors impacting on safety and perceptions of safety for women and girls on Victorian public transport.

The research undertaken in TramLab found that the issues and factors impacting on safety and perceptions of safety for women and girls on Victorian public transport are as complex as those found in transport environments elsewhere in the world. Despite the fact that women’s use and experience of public transport is different from men’s, their use and their experience (dominated by fear for their safety) are seldom considered.

These factors generate a complex situation for which there are no simple solutions. International research confirms that no stand-alone single initiative is sufficient. Instead, multi-faceted and coordinated packages of complementary initiatives and interventions are required.

  • Toolkit 1 lays out the steps for developing gender-sensitive communication campaigns.
  • Toolkit 2 details the process for engaging gender-sensitive placemaking to enhance safety for women.
  • Toolkit 3 details the steps for gathering gender-sensitive data for transport spaces.
  • Toolkit 4 outlines the implementation of gender-sensitive training for public transport service providers and aligned security staff.

The aim of these toolkits is to provide a framework and practical steps to help make public transport safer for women and girls, providing stakeholders with direction about how to reduce their fear and risk.