Short courses

About Short Courses at BASE

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics now offers a range of short courses suitable for qualified dietitians, nutritionists and other health professionals such as doctors, nurses and speech pathologists who are interested in nutrition. We offer a range of online and face-to-face courses at various times throughout the year.

Our courses encourage active learning and are learner-centred. You will be supported to "construct" knowledge for yourself through learning resources combined with a series of tasks to complete. For online courses, there will be weekly moderation of discussion groups with the tutor and self-assessment quizzes with example answers meaning no coursework deadlines!

Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate stating the number of hours of professional education - assessed*. Please note the content for our short courses do not provide credit towards Monash University units at undergraduate or postgraduate level. As such the use of self-assessment tasks is commensurate with the short course fees.

Undergraduate students at Monash should not enrol in these courses.

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* Online courses attract six (6) hours per module/week of professional education - assessed as per Dietitians Association of Australia.

Additional courses for dietitians and nutritionists

These courses may also be of interest to dietitians and nutritionists. Please note these courses have been developed for healthcare professionals without a background in nutrition, however they may be of interest to nutrition professionals who would like a refresher on the topic