Hagemeyer Group - NanoBiotechnology

Key terms: Molecular Imaging, Drug Delivery, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology

2018 Hagemeyer lab
2020 group L-R Back row: Associate Professor Christoph Hagemeyer, Dr Be'eri Niego, Mr Jason Palazzolo, Front Row: Ms Shweta Jagdale, Ms Akshita Rana, Mr Martin Ezeani, Dr Ting-Yi Wang, Ms Jaclyn Lange Absent: Dr Erik Westein, Ms Rania Hashad, Ms Jurie Tashkandi

Research Overview

Our main theme is the development of "bio-better" antibodies with added functionality for the treatment of thrombosis, inflammation, diabetes and cancer. Using specifically modified recombinant antibodies we can deliver small molecules, therapeutic oligos, proteins and nanoparticles with high precision and reduced adverse effects. We can achieve this with a new bio-enzymatic conjugation method allowing site-specific attachment of nano-sized delivery scaffolds without affecting antibody function. We are also active in the molecular imaging area. Using targeted natural nanoparticles, we would like to significantly increase the number of imaging labels per antibody in MRI and PET/SPECT as well as photoacoustic and fluorescence imaging. This can increase the detection limit of current approaches.

Projects and opportunities

  • Targeted virus particles for gene therapy
  • Antibody drug conjugates for cancer treatment
  • Single-chain antibody-targeted nanoparticles for therapy and diagnosis
  • Recombinant agents for efficient and safe anticoagulation as well as thrombolysis

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Selected publications 2015-2019

  • Rana A, Westein E, Niego B, Hagemeyer CE (2019) Shear-dependent platelet aggregation: mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities. Front Cardiovasc Med 6:141.
  • Pearce HA, Qian H, Connell TU, Huang D, Gottstein C, Donnelly PS, Peter K, Gregorevic P, Hagemeyer CE (2019) Site-specific glycation and chemo-enzymatic antibody sortagging for the retargeting of rAAV6 to inflamed endothelium. Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev 14:261-269.
  • Bonnard T, Jayapadman A, Putri JA, Cui J, Ju Y, Carmichael C, Angelovich TA, Cody SH, French S, Pascaud K, Pearce HA, Jagdale S, Caruso F, Hagemeyer CE (2018) Low-fouling and biodegradable protein-based particles for thrombus imaging. ACS Nano 12:6988-96
  • Bonnard T, Tennant Z, Niego B, Kanojia R, Alt K, Jagdale S, Law LS, Rigby S, Medcalf RL, Peter K, Hagemeyer CE (2017) Novel thrombolytic drug based on thrombin cleavable microplasminogen coupled to a single-chain antibody specific for activated GPIIb/IIIa. Journal of the American Heart Association 6:e004535
  • Richardson JJ, Choy MY, Guo J, Liang K, Alt K, Ping Y, Cui J, Law LS, Hagemeyer CE, Caruso F (2016) Polymer capsules for plaque-targeted in vivo delivery. Advanced Materials 28:7703-7
  • Gunawan ST, Kempe K, Bonnard T, Cui J, Alt K, Wang X, Westein E, Such GK, Peter K, Hagemeyer CE, Caruso F (2015) Multifunctional thrombin-activatable polymer capsules for specific targeting to activated platelets. Advanced Materials 27:5153-7
  • Alt K, Paterson BM, Westein E, Rudd S, Poniger SS, Jagdale S, Ardipradja K, Connell TU, Krippner GY, Nair AKN, Wang X, Tochon-Danguy HJ, Donnelly PS, Peter K, Hagemeyer CE (2015) A versatile approach for the site-specific modification of recombinant antibodies using a combination of enzyme mediated bioconjugation and ‘click chemistry’. Angewandte Chemie 54:7515-9
  • Hagemeyer CE, Alt K, Johnston AP, Such GK, Ta HT, Leung MK, Prabhu S, Wang X, Caruso F, Peter K (2015) Particle generation, functionalization and sortase A-mediated modification with targeting of single-chain antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic use. Nature Protocols 10:90-105

Current Grants

  • Monash-Helmholtz Laboratory for Radio-Immuno-Theranostics (MHELTHERA) together with Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Germany (2021-2025). Monash Investigators: Egan, Robinson, Paterson, Werrett, Alt, Hagemeyer, Tuck, Andrews, Jupp.
  • Plan 111 in collaboration with Shandong University, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2020-24): Discipline innovation of colloid and interface chemistry. PIs: Caruso, Besenbacher, Tieu, Qiao, De Geest, Lee, Eastoe, Nicolas, Hagemeyer, Thurecht, Ashokkumar.
  • NHMRC Ideas Grant APP1181440 (2020-23): Self-regulated, glucose-responsive nanomaterials for smart insulin delivery. PIs: Hagemeyer, Cavalieri.
  • Biomedical Translation Bridge Program Grant BTB00064 in collaboration with AdAlta (2020-21): Clinical imaging of CXCR4 in the development of an i-body therapy for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. PIs: Foley, Hagemeyer, Egan, Scott, Westall, Donnelly, Alt.
  • ARC LIEF Grant LE200100053 (2020): Single Particle Elemental Analysis – Imaging Mass Cytometer Facility. PIs: Ellis, Bush, Mitchell, Corbett, Reichman, Ball, Fox, Nugegoda, Paz Ferreiro, Cook, Hagemeyer, Teo, Yu, Brinkworth, Gray.
  • Network of Excellence for Molecular Imaging and Precision Radiopharmaceuticals in collaboration with Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Germany and TRIUMF, University of British Columbia, Canada (2019-20). Monash PIs: Egan, Porter, Andrews, Follink, Law, Hagemeyer, Alt.
  • NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship APP1154270 (2019-23): Smart targeted nanoparticles for diagnosis and therapy. PI: Hagemeyer
  • NHMRC Project Grant APP1138361 (2018-21): Degradable nanocapsules for thromboprophylaxis and treatment of acute thrombosis. PIs: Hagemeyer, Caruso
  • NHMRC Project Grant APP1120129 (2017-20): Molecular imaging and therapy of cardiac fibrosis in atrial fibrillation and heart failure. PIs: Hagemeyer, McMullen