We aim to bring together the very best researchers with carers, clinicians, service providers and consumers to assess and improve all aspects of healthy ageing.

Our researchers are working with universities, institutes, professionals and community members around the world to deliver new research and treatment models to improve health and wellbeing among our most vulnerable populations.

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NCHA membership benefits

As a member you will have access to an extensive range of benefits including:

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities, including access to research teams and expertise
  • Work with the NCHA to co-design solutions to challenges in healthy ageing
  • Access to our consumer engagement platform
  • Access (by application) to the unique NCHA Healthy Ageing Data Platform to accelerate your research
  • Access (by application) to purpose-built live simulated environments to enable translational research
  • Access to NCHA training and education opportunities
  • Utilise marketing and communications channels, events and forums to share and amplify your research
  • Receive the latest updates in healthy ageing news, Living Labs research, policy insights and events

Who should join NCHA as a member?

  • Researchers in healthy ageing and related fields
  • Health and care organisations
  • Commercial and industry partners with an interest in healthy Ageing data and research
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Community groups