The National Centre for Healthy Ageing (NCHA) is a centralised hub for innovation and transformation of care practices, based on the Mornington Peninsula.  A joint venture between Peninsula Health and Monash University, our aim is to create better integrated care models to promote health and wellbeing across people's lifespan and drive improvements in the way people seek out and access care, to ensure they reflect and align with their values and needs.

There are many health and wellbeing factors that impact the ability to age healthily. The NCHA works with, and promotes the work of, researchers and industry experts in the areas of ageing and aged care, rehabilitation, mental health, and addiction through the following programs:

Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region

The NCHA is based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, where a unique population demographic and healthcare setting makes it the ideal location to identify issues and opportunities, and then research, develop, test and optimise innovative models of care. The work that the Centre does on the Peninsula will ultimately influence and improve health and care for the ageing across Australia and around the world.

The Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region has a unique population demographic and health service provider setting, making it an ideal ecosystem in which to research, explore, test and implement new and innovative models for supporting healthy ageing.

By embedding into the region, there is an opportunity to rapidly develop and implement innovative models of care that will lead to improvements in population health, right in the heart of where it is most needed.

Our Vision

To lead the transformation of health and care of our ageing population.

Our Purpose

To lead the way in developing innovative, effective, sustainable and holistic models of care in partnership with the world’s best researchers, care organisations, industry experts and the community. Through data collection and analysis, real-world and real-people testing, and future-focused simulated environments, we empower collaborative action that delivers significant, evidence-based, lasting outcomes, to help ageing people in Australia and around the world live healthy and productive lives.

The need for a National Centre

As people live longer, they do not necessarily live better. The risk and prevalence of chronic disease and dementia increases, leading to more time spent in hospitals and more need for healthcare and aged care support and services.

Under increasing pressure, the care system is not working as it should, and this has been further tested and exemplified by COVID-19 and its impacts on those living and working in aged care facilities.

The National Centre for Healthy Ageing is a significant part of the Australian Government’s commitment to driving healthy ageing in Australia and leading a transformation of the way we deliver and receive care, and support independent and productive living, as we age.

The Centre also exists to help facilitate healthier, more productive and more independent lives as we age.

The activities of NCHA now will lead to healthier Australians in the future.


Christina MitchellNCHA will lead the way in improving standards of care for healthy ageing, bringing together the very best researchers with carers, clinicians, service providers and consumers to research, test and implement new and innovative models of care to support people to enjoy better health, independence and participation for quality long life.

We would like to thank the Commonwealth Government for its support in making this possible.”

Professor Christina Mitchell AO
Dean, Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
NCHA Co-Chair


Felicity ToppThrough the NCHA, our primary focus is to improve health outcomes for everyone by enabling innovative translational research across both Peninsula Health and Monash University.

With the valued support of the Commonwealth Government and the expertise of our research teams, the NCHA is resourced as a nationally significant initiative, which will lead to healthier ageing for all Australians.

The pioneering use of ‘living labs’ alongside cutting-edge technology and the ensuing new models of care, will help keep Australians out of hospital by engendering greater independence and improved health across the lifespan.”

Felicity Topp,
CEO, Peninsula Health
NCHA Co-Chair


The National Centre for Healthy Ageing acknowledges the financial support of the Australian Government Department of Health to support the Centre establishment.

For more information, please contact us at ncha-enquiries@monash.edu

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