About us

Our team manages registries and provides expert support to internal and external researchers, clinicians and organisations either running, or interested in establishing, a clinical quality registry.

We are a multidisciplinary team of academics, statisticians, IT experts and mixed methods researchers.

We recommend and use REDCap software to build clinical quality registry forms, utilising REDCap rich features to collect, store, and export data for data analysis. REDCap (Research Electronic Data CAPture) is a web application specifically built for non-technical users to build their own data collection forms and surveys with ease. REDCap is licensed to Monash University staff and students, is hosted on an actively secure platform, and the database resides on a secure segment of the Monash network. REDCap software is managed by Helix who perform support, upgrades and customisations to the application.

Our Team

Head of Unit


Administrative Support

Cheryl Grant


IT Support

John Liman


Senior Biostatistician

Associate Professor Arul Earnest


Data Analysts

Dr Ahmadreza Pourghaderi
Dr Mohammad Amin Honardoost
Jessy Hansen
Patrick Garduce


Australian Breast Device Registry

Dr Dilinie Herbert
Judy Hankin
Saeid Kalbasi
Sharon Lee
Sally McInnes
Trisha Nichols
Uma Symons

Australian Cystic Fibrosis Data Registry

Dr Rasa Ruseckaite
Marisa Caruso

Australian Dementia Network Registry

Kasey Wallis
Dr Xiaoping Lin
Dr Maria Kokkinos
Jennifer Richardson
Alan Tsui

ADNeT State Coordinators
Kerrie McAloney (QLD)
Dr Miia Rahja (SA)
Dr Sophia Tan (SA)


Australian Pelvic Floor Procedures Registry

Dr Rasa Ruseckaite
Dr Oliver Daly
Jessy Hansen
Randi Jayasinghe
Aruna Kartik
Claudia Lassetter
Michelle Merenda
Kelly Tapley
Mudit Sharma

Australian Spine Registry

Dr Esther Apos
Charis Brown
Sean Bulmer

Australian and New Zealand Society of Retinal Specialists Retinal Surgery Registry

Professor Susannah Ahern
Sean Bulmer