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Here are some of the highlights of our recent media activity:

The Guardian

“Ambush” lockdowns: Hong Kong tries radical Covid testing strategy

3 February 2021

The Guardian

New year, new outbreak: China rushes to vaccinate 50 million as holiday looms

15 January 2021

ABC News

WA border uncertainty leaves families rethinking travel plans amid Melbourne
coronavirus cases

1 January 2021

ABC Radio National

Will Sydney see a post-Christmas COVID spike?

24 December 2020

MJA Insight+ Magazine

Beware winter 2021: lessons from Victoria’s second COVID-19 wave

14 December 2020

Der Spiegel (Germany)

Der Lockdown fühlt sich seltsam an, und es wird noch seltsamer

29 July 2020

ABC Radio National

Why Australia’s second COVID-19 wave was inevitable

29 July 2020

7 News

Coronavirus: Can Australia really reopen in four weeks?

21 April 2020

7 News

Coming out of lockdown safely

20 April 2020

Policy Forum (Asia & the Pacific Policy Society)

Will flattening Australia’s curve be enough?

16 April 2020

The Conversation

Now we’re in lockdown, how can we get out? 4 scenarios to prevent a second wave

8 April 2020