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Here are some of the highlights of our recent media activity:

AAP Factcheck

Experts rubbish senator’s deadly vaccine claim

11 May 2022

Policy Forum (Asia & the Pacific Policy Society)

The shift to managing COVID-19 as endemic

5 May 2022

9 News Melbourne

Restrictions released for Victoria as Omicron wave subsides

21 April 2022

3AW, Mornings with Neil Mitchell

Why Victoria’s latest spike in COVID-19 cases is no reason to panic

16 March 2022

ABC News (online)

Life. Death. COVID-19

8 March 2022

The Age

Experts agree COVID restrictions should ease – but not just yet

3 February 2022

SBS News

Why aren’t governments regularly sharing data on whether cases are Omicron or Delta?

13 January 2022

The CBT Dive podcast

Awake and frustrated: all about insomnia

27 November 2021

The Conversation

Why did Sydney’s COVID case numbers fall faster than Melbourne’s? Climate may offer clues

17 November 2021


"We need to get on yop of this" – Melbourne lockdown fears

15 July 2021

The Guardian

“Ambush” lockdowns: Hong Kong tries radical COVID testing strategy

3 February 2021

The Guardian

New year, new outbreak: China rushes to vaccinate 50 million as holiday looms

15 January 2021

ABC News

WA border uncertainty leaves families rethinking travel plans amid Melbourne
coronavirus cases

1 January 2021

ABC Radio National

Will Sydney see a post-Christmas COVID spike?

24 December 2020

MJA Insight+ Magazine

Beware winter 2021: lessons from Victoria’s second COVID-19 wave

14 December 2020

Der Spiegel (Germany)

Der Lockdown fühlt sich seltsam an, und es wird noch seltsamer

29 July 2020

ABC Radio National

Why Australia’s second COVID-19 wave was inevitable

29 July 2020

7 News

Coronavirus: Can Australia really reopen in four weeks?

21 April 2020

Policy Forum (Asia & the Pacific Policy Society)

Will flattening Australia’s curve be enough?

16 April 2020

The Conversation

Now we’re in lockdown, how can we get out? 4 scenarios to prevent a second wave

8 April 2020

Policy Forum (Asia & the Pacific Policy Society)

The world can’t afford to forget tuberculosis

21 July 2017

The New York Times

The evidence points to a better way to fight insomnia

9 June 2015