Melanoma and Skin Cancer Research Centre

We’re part of a powerful network of almost 2,000 professionals working in the field of melanoma and skin cancer, including oncologists, surgeons, radiation specialists, nurses, allied health professionals, health economists, statisticians, research scientists, clinical research associates, data managers, patient advocates and others. With expert support from our advisory committees and trials staff, and funding largely from NHMRC and MRFF grants, we lead and design research and clinical trial development, and provide project management for funded trials and other initiatives.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials Ltd – a not for profit company – established an academic affiliation with Monash University in 2019, forming the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Research Centre. We benefit from the rich research environment of the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and support services from the wider University. Our office and facilities are across finance, legal, grant administration.

For information about our Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Committee, Discipline-specific Advisories and our staff, please visit our website.

Our current research portfolio

Our trials portfolio includes trials investigating drug, radiotherapeutic and surgical treatments and adjuvant therapies for melanoma, and the use of AI and imaging technologies to drive early diagnosis.

We have an extensive catalogue of completed trials that have made important contributions to knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of drug, radiotherapeutic and surgical treatments; treatments that minimise scalp hair loss for brain tumour patients; quality of life among melanoma patients and families; the role of psychological interventions to assist melanoma patients at high risk of relapse; the role of patient-driven surveillance in early detection; the role of personal genomic risk in motivating preventive behaviours; and current practice in the field world-wide.

A full list of completed trials and publications is available on our website.

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