Seminar Series

Seminar Series 2021

MERQ runs an annual seminar series on topics relating to medical and health education research as well as providing professional development opportunities.

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Nothing is certain but uncertainty: Helping our students prepare for the certainty of uncertainty through our teaching practices

Guest speaker: Associate Professor Michelle Lazarus

Associate Professor Michelle Lazarus serves as the Director of the Monash Centre for Human Anatomy Education within the Biomedicine Discovery Institute. Additionally, she is the Curriculum Integration Network lead within the Monash Centre Scholarship in Health Education, a Monash Education Academy Fellow, the Anatomy Education Discipline lead within the Monash medical curriculum, and a core member of the General Surgical Science Examination Board for the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

Her recent work explores the role of uncertainty within healthcare science education, challenging her own tolerance of uncertainty (an academic irony).

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16 AUGUST 2021

Sit less and move more for cardiometabolic health: Emerging insights and opportunities

Guest speaker: Professor David Dunstan

Join us as Professor David Dunstan synthesises the observational and experimental evidence on the adverse effects of prolonged, uninterrupted sitting, and the evidence identifying the possible mechanisms underlying the associated risk.

Professor David Dunstan is Head of the Physical Activity Laboratory at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, and is a Professorial Fellow at the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research. His multi-disciplinary research program has provided substantial contributions to the evidence base on the adverse health consequences of too much sitting, and the potential health benefits resulting from frequently breaking up sitting time. He has an extensive track record in the design and management of clinical/laboratory and health behaviour intervention trials involving chronic disease subgroups in real-world settings and large scale epidemiological studies.


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