Seminar Series

Seminar Series

MERQ runs an annual seminar series on topics relating to medical and health education research as well as providing professional development opportunities.

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MONDAY 23 MAY 2022

Narratives of Progression: From medical student to doctor

Guest speaker: Professor Sandra Carr

This interpretive phenomenological study reports on the findings from in-depth interviews of 38 final year medical students who had experienced a significant academic interruption and follows their process of working through failure and their transition from academic failure to becoming a junior doctor.

Sandra is the Head of the Division of Health Professions Education at the University of Western Australia. She is a multi-award winning teacher, past academic lead in selection for medicine and dentistry and was the Associate Dean of Education across Health at UWA from 2010-2016. Sandra is a mixed methods researcher with more than 60 publications exploring selection, curriculum development, learning and teaching, assessment and evaluation of course outcomes. Her PhD in medical education focused on predicting performance of junior doctors, exploring selection, personal characteristics and academic performance.

Seminar recording is available for School staff and students
(Monash Authcate required)

4 APRIL 2022

Professionalism and the evolution of the healthcare professional: Can ProfESS make a difference?

Guest speaker: Associate Professor Lyn Clearihan

Associate Professor Lyn Clearihan serves as the Associate Dean Professionalism in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and is also the Head of the Clinical Education and Professional Development Unit, School of Primary Health care at Monash University

In 2021 the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences introduced a new framework (Professional standards, Ethical behaviour and Student Support - ProFESS) across all of its courses. The focus of the framework is to foster a greater understanding of professionalism, aid students in their professional identity formation development, address professional behaviour lapses early and encourage behaviour change or modification if needed. The framework underpins the revised Fitness for Practice approach within the faculty and marries student support with the need for students to meet course expectations and professional standards. This presentation explores why the framework is needed and how it works.

Seminar recording is available for School staff and students
(Monash Authcate required)


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