Teaching, Challenges and Innovation Symposium 2019

The School hosted the 4th Teaching, Challenges and Innovation Symposium on Wednesday 11th December 2019, with the theme of Assessment. The Symposium explored current assessment approaches as well as innovative strategies that can be used in our teaching at the School.

The two workshop sessions resulted in valuable resources for the School to use key assessment tools for future units and students.

If you don’t want to miss out on the valuable updates and insights presented, you can download the presentation slides, coursework marking group and the teaching and learning hub, which provides a range of resources for educators to use, from tips for how to increase student engagement, to help with solving technical issues. It includes information about active learning, how to write learning outcomes and assessment, infographics, exemplar rubrics, help with editing in Moodle, how to make instructional videos, and lots more.

We would like to thank you all for participating in this year’s Symposium. The event organisers, Associate Professor Basia Diug and Natalie Rowell, sincerely thank the presenters and attendees, Professor Sophia Zoungas, Professor Wayne Hodgson, Professor Danny Liew, Dr George Kotsanas and the MERQ team for their support of this successful event.

Prof Dragan Ilic, Prof Danny Liew, A/Prof Basia Diug and Prof Robin Bell

Prof Sophia Zoungas opens the 4th Symposium discussing the School’s values and the importance of teaching at SPHPM

Stav Zandes, Prof Jane Banaszak-Holl and Dr Raya Darcy discussing assessment techniques

Dr George Kotsanas discussing assessment and technology

Prof Dragan Ilic and Dr Nazmul Karim discussing ‘The art of writing MCQs and EMCQs’

Dr Darshini Ayton and A/Prof Basia Diug hosting the Theme 2 workshop ‘Approaches to giving constructive feedback’

Prof Danny Liew and A/Prof Basia Diug thanking Prof Robin Bell for Robin’s outstanding contribution to teaching

Prof Wayne Hogson discussing 'The faculty perspective'

Information and resources from previous Symposiums

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