Research Studies

Join our research program

We would be delighted to hear from women interested in participating in our research program as a study volunteer.

The description of each study project and what would be required of participants have been kept brief. Each woman will be required to meet all inclusion and exclusion criteria prior to being enrolled in any of the studies.

All research conducted by the Women's Health Research Program has been approved by the Monash University Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving Humans.

If you feel you meet the eligibility criteria listed in our projects and would like more information or to volunteer for one of our studies, please contact us and specify which study interests you.

Phone: +61 3 9903 0827

Current studies

Preventing bone loss and restoring sexual function in women with early menopause


Clinical trial of a new therapy for premenopausal women with low libido

Recruitment CLOSED

Reducing Hot Flushes after Breast Cancer study

Recruitment CLOSED

The Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Young Women's Health Study

Recruitment CLOSED

Sex Hormones in Older Women Study (The SHOW Study)