The Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Young Women's Health Study


The Women's Health Research Program is delighted to provide an update on the “Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Young Women's Health Study” which is being undertaken to determine the health needs of young Australian women.

This study is generously supported by the Grollo Ruzzene Foundation and our partners in the study are Roy Morgan Research and Sonic Pathology. The study has recruited 6,986 Australian women aged 18-39 years who have completed an online questionnaire. The questionnaire has documented their physical and psychological health, with a specific focus on reproductive health, including menstrual and sexual health.

750 women also provided a blood sample which contributes important information about their physical health and hormonal status.

The second phase of the Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Young Women’s Health Study commenced at the start of August 2018. In this phase we are asking some of the women who complete the questionnaire to have a transvaginal ultrasound so that we can look specifically polycystic ovaries. This will enable us to collect information about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Women with PCOS often have infrequent periods, polycystic ovaries and issues with excess hair growth and acne. This study will help use determine the best way to diagnose PCOS and to work out how common it is.

This landmark study is informing of the issues that most concern women of this age. We will share more results with you as they become available.