Christiane Zeh-Kuhl

Hong Kong

Hello, my name is Christiane Zeh-Kuhl and I am originally from France. I have been living in Hong Kong with my family for the last 12 years. I completed a Master’s of Counseling at Monash in 2018 through Kaplan here in Hong Kong. I am working as a mindfulness-based counselor and am currently studying CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) online with the Beck Institute to further my knowledge of CBT.

Life in Hong Kong has been unpredictable for the last 12 months, beginning with the protests that changed life as we knew it and then followed by having to face the virus.  It has all disrupted our lives very suddenly, which was frightening, especially in the early days.

Hong Kong has been impressive in many ways. For a country with one of the highest population densities in the world, it has been able to keep the outbreak to about 1066 confirmed cases and only 4 deaths! People in Hong Kong have been extremely disciplined with maintaining social distancing, a strict approach to hygiene in the city and taking responsibility for washing their hands and wearing masks.

As a family, we have had our share of challenges. Our daughter was sent back from Italy where she was an exchange student and was quarantined in government housing for 2 weeks. We were also worried for our son who works in a hospital on the front lines.

Overall, we feel lucky to be safe in a city that has an amazing health care system, responsible citizens who did the very best to keep the virus at bay and who were able to keep the death toll as one of the lowest of the world.

On a personal level, I felt fortunate to be able to use my long standing meditation practice as a tool to go inwards when I could not go outside. I was also able to keep working via Zoom, teaching mindfulness and counseling groups and individuals in these difficult times.

Even if the pandemic has been a challenge for our family and for myself, it is also an incredible life lesson giving me the opportunity to learn about my family, my friends, my clients and myself.

Wishing you my very best.