Elli Ioannou

Paris, France

I completed a Master of Visual Arts (Photomedia 2012-13) at Monash. As a creative professional for the past 15+ years, I have developed certain tools for overcoming ‘quiet periods’ in terms of work and this in turns fosters ‘resilience‘

In Australia I worked mainly as an advertising photographer in fashion & lifestyle. I also taught at higher education level and mentored many emerging creatives. I have been based in Paris since 2016 where I continued with teaching and mentoring, advertising & workshops.

My main work has been with Paris Fashion Week and creating social media content. I lost 60% of my work due to the pandemic.

The way around this year for me has been to review my assets and what I can create which is independent and relies very little on external resources, and which I am passionate about. I have adapted some of my core teaching in degree and masters level photo education for distance learning.

I noted that after four years in Paris, I have a strong body of content so my photo library is being set up, and mini photo books are also on the agenda, as well as a coffee table book.

On a personal level, daily meditation, yoga, ‘creative play’ and exploring more of Paris and what my neighbourhood has to offer are also assets. I live in the centre and have major cultural landmarks, including the Louvre, next to me. You can view my local photo essay here.

We are limited to 1hr /1km per day with a legal document stating 1 of 5 options. Most industries are still operating this time, and the arts are allowed to rehearse.

I am now resolved that this year is a re-set year in all aspects of my life, and planting seeds for 2021 is part of my work now.

Did I make much money this year? No. Did I learn & grow as an individual and get clear on my life goals and what truly matters ? Yes!!

Elli Ioannou