Lauren Haberfield

Paris, France

Hello everyone, greetings from Paris. My name is Lauren Haberfield, I completed a Bachelor of Design at Monash University. I've lived in Paris for the last 6 years and work in advertising as an Associate Creative Director at the agency BETC.

I haven't left my apartment except for essentials or seen anyone except my partner since the 14th of March. I have to admit I was one of the skeptical ones that thought we would never go into lockdown so once it happened it took me a week to accept I would be trapped in my 40m2 apartment for the unseeable future.

I'm lucky enough to say that my work situation has barely changed. In fact, I've found I've been working even more than I did before because its much harder to set boundaries of when you work and when you don't when you are working from home. My clients in general have stopped advertising so most of the work we are currently doing is for campaigns later in the year or next year. For now we are all working with the hope we will be out of lockdown in May, though of course this is a very optimistic outcome.

The French government has been very generous with helping people keep their income and I do think it is a very good place to be in a crisis such as this. The annoying bit is the declaration we need to take with us every time we leave the house - it can be printed or handwritten but in typical french style it is extremely long. We are allowed to leave to get essentials, see people who depend on us and there is still some running allowed - though everyone is meant to stay 1km within their neighbourhood and not be out for more than an hour.

Every night at 8pm everyone comes to their windows and claps for the healthcare workers which is really moving and makes me think there will be good that comes out of this whole unknown situation.

Photo: My partner and I having a virtual catch up with friends.