Mr Owen Kerr

Faculty of Information Technology

Mr Owen Kerr commenced a Bachelor of Business Systems in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University in 2002. In 2003 he received a Monash Scholarship in the Industry Based Learning program and he graduated in 2005. 

Using skills and knowledge gained in part from his Monash University degree, in 2008 Mr Kerr created a start-up business called Pepperstone. Pepperstone developed an interbank trading network linking investment banks on Wall Street, New York via optical fibre cables which enabled processing of Foreign Exchange trades faster and cheaper than global competitors. These new technologies created by Mr Kerr succeeded in ‘disrupting’ the industry. 

Since 2008, Pepperstone has continued to grow, and now serves over 60,000 clients from over 70 countries worldwide. Now as one of the largest foreign exchange broker/dealers in the world, Pepperstone processes a staggering 8 billion dollars worth of currency each day. 

Mr Kerr remains passionate about keeping the business in Victoria and in doing so, has created many local jobs with the business now employing over 120 staff, many of those based from its Melbourne headquarters. 

Mr Kerr’s achievements were recognised in 2015 when he was awarded EY Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, Victorian Exporter of the Year and was an EY World Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.