What does a gift to research mean?

Kathy KofilenaWe had a chat with Alumni Outreach Program student caller, Kathy Hofilena (Second year Master of International Development Practice), to find out the best part about talking with our alumni and what they’re interested in.

“Working on the Alumni Outreach Program is an opportunity that's not presented to a lot of students. I appreciate being able to talk to alumni and chat about the work that they do. A number of the post-graduate alumni I've been able to talk to are in the field of policy research, sustainability and even development work. I'm inspired by the stories they share; they offer guidance on where I might take my career. I think they've slowly convinced me to take up a PhD.

Most alumni are keen to hear about the breakthrough research that Monash is leading in. Being able to share stories on key research projects that are actually happening now keeps the conversation going and gathers interest in supporting the research funds. One particular lady was really interested in knowing how the innovative research done by the University could have concrete positive change in society. I told her about using snake venom in the field of Alzheimer's disease research and we had her support after that."