Met at Monash

Siti Harahap
Bachelor of Arts (Communications), 2009
Master of International Business, 2011
Abraham Auzan
Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (Business Systems), 2009
Master of International Business, 2011

Siti and Abraham first met at the Monash University Malaysia campus in 2006 through common friends. Both were studying for their undergraduate degrees, Siti in communications and Abraham in business systems. “We were just friends at first, because I was in a relationship with another student,” says Siti. “The romance didn’t start until 2007, our second year of university.”

After graduation, both decided to pursue graduate study in international business at Monash Malaysia. In 2011, they transferred to Monash’s Caulfield campus to complete their master degrees. The couple finally married in 2014.

Siti is now the head of arts and creative industries at British Council Indonesia, while Abraham is chief product officer (CPO) and co-founder of healthcare start-up Sehati TeleCTG, which provides pregnant women in remote areas of Indonesia with access to a portable and low-cost cardiotocography (CTG) services.

Other than finding each other, Siti’s and Abraham’s favourite memory of their time at Monash is the experience of being international students. “It’s the value of friendships and networks we made with other students, and also the independence we learned from being away from our families at such a young age,” says Siti.

Siti and Abraham regularly attend Monash events in Indonesia. “We’re very interested to be involved in Monash alumni activities in Indonesia, and how we can enhance the student experience, both current and future students, by sharing our insights and experience,” says Abraham.