A message from the Head

Professor Michael Ward
Professor Michael Ward

Dear colleagues,

As you know, the Department of Economics is on a fantastic trajectory in research, education, and financial performance.

The COVID-delayed external review in November provides an excellent opportunity for us to reflect as a department on the next steps. That means continuing improvement in the areas where we are already strong, as well as broadening our areas of excellence such as active learning, research impact, external engagement and campus life.

The Department retreat at the end of June will take a deep dive into our self-review and strategic plan.  A good plan is vital to our future, and to be good a plan must reflect our collective aspirations for the future.  

To ensure everyone's voice is heard, the retreat will include small break-out group discussions. Not everyone will agree on all points, but with transparency of discussion I expect we can build a common understanding of issues and constraints.

I believe these discussions will be pivotal in continuing our great academic trajectory, as well as in reinforcing the community of the department. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Professor Michael Ward

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