Undergraduate study options

Economics is the key to unlocking how the world works. From the consumption of goods and services, changes in employment rates or impacts on living standards, economics is at the heart of how our society operates.

Economics graduates are required across many industries including areas of environment and sustainability, finance, government, transport and health.

Where will it take you?

Professional economists are employed as policy makers and researchers in the private and public sectors and in international organisations.

Gain employment in:

  • Academia
  • Banks and financial service firms
  • Government
  • International organisations
  • Public opinion and marketing agencies
  • Research units of private firms
  • Welfare organisations

Economics graduates are also suited for leadership positions in Industry and Government. It is possible to combine economics with a Bachelor of Laws and work in legal or government regulation fields. Many economics graduates join government agencies such as the State or Federal Treasury, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Productivity Commission.

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Clubs and societies

Economics Student Society of Australia

ESSA is one of the largest student-run economics societies in the country, connecting students, professionals and academics to create a passionate and informed economics community.

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