Why Economics?

Economics provides training in logical thought and analysis which can be applied widely in every-day decision making, not just to matters that are usually labelled 'economic'.

Excellent career opportunities

Our Department's overarching goal is to prepare you with skills that are adaptable to a range of careers including positions within industry, government, or in non-government and international organisations. We achieve this by providing training in logical thought and flexible analytical skills which can be applied widely in every-day decision making – not just to matters which are typically labelled 'economics'- but may stray into environment and sustainability, finance, transport and health industries.

You will develop high-level skills in economic theory and applied economics. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing technical, analytical and communication skills, as well as professional competence. It is a qualification recognised by employers across the globe and one that offers you a challenging and rewarding career.

As an economist, you may find employment opportunities in government departments and agencies, including the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Treasury, the Productivity Commission and the Australian National Audit Office. There are also international opportunities for economics graduates. Agencies such as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund all require economists for their core activities.

Economics is changing

Economics students and teachers reflect on the role of economics and how to get the most out of your degree.