Our story

The Department of Economics has been a strong presence at Monash University since the University was founded in 1961. Under the direction of founding Dean, distinguished economist Professor Donald Cochrane, the school developed a reputation for the quality of its teaching. The result being, that in 1965, there were 23 economists within the department including many of the best recent postgraduates in Australia. The appointment of a number of professors in the second half of the 1960's then further enhanced its status by adding to the research capability of the team and expanded the diversity of fields of study. In the 1970s the term 'Monash Economics' came into widespread usage, connotating liveliness of debate and rigour in the field. This reputation has continued to build and so that now. after more than 50 years of Economics degrees being granted at Monash, the Department is well placed to continue its reputation for excellence. Our representation across seven campuses enables us to offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs both on and off-campus in Australia.

Our resources

Monash Business School offers excellent infrastructure and facilities to complement our teaching. The Department of Economics makes strong use of the School’s Behavioural Laboratory for new research into judgement and decision-making. For example, using this facility, our researchers have discovered that bribery in a country is actually contagious.

Teaching excellence

The Department of Economics is dedicated to providing students with the best economics education grounding to prepare them for their future career. We do this by employing the best academics in the discipline. For example, we have one of the world’s leading scholars in the field of network economics, Professor Yves Zenou. Our academics also have a diverse range of research interests ensuring our students’ particular areas of interest will be covered, as well as providing a broad spectrum of expertise throughout our degrees.

Monash Business School fosters a strong teaching environment with its annual Dean’s Awards for Teaching Excellence. Our staff are regularly the recipients of these awards which recognise innovative teaching approaches that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn. For example, our classes may focus on practical challenges to illustrate complex economic concepts.  One of our Associate Professors, Simon Angus, has even been recognised for teaching excellence by the Federal Government in its annual Australian Awards for University Teaching.