Visitors Program

Each year, the Department of Economics welcomes academic visitors from around the world to Monash University. During their visit, these scholars share their knowledge with our staff and students through meetings, seminars, and informal discussions. Most of our visitors present during the weekly Economics Seminar Series.

Through the Visitors Program, our staff and students engage and collaborate with leading researchers from around the world.

Visitors 2015

Visitor Dates Areas of Research Host

Professor          John Gibson
University of Waikato

April 2015

Microeconomics, economics of labour, poverty measurement

Gaurav Datt

Professor          Glenn Harrison
Georgia State University

April 2015

Experimental economics, econometrics, environmental and resource economics, international trade policy

Anke Leroux

Professor Hugo Sonnenschein
University of Chicago

May 2015

Economic theory

Christis Tombazos

Professor Leo          Simon
University of California, Berkeley

July – 2015

Game theory, simulation modelling, applied political economy

Jeff LaFrance

Professor Mana Komai
St Cloud State University

July – August 2015

Microeconomics, game theory, experimental economics

Phil Grossman

Professor          Catherine Eckel
Texas A and M University

July – August 2015

Experimental Economics

Phil Grossman

Visitors 2014

Visitor Dates Areas of Research Host
Dr Hee Chae Ko
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy 
January – July 2014 Consumption /Investment, Econometrics, Trade, Exchange Rate, Population Horag Choi
Professor Richard Zeckhauser
Harvard University 
January 2014 Decision theory, behavioural economics Nick Feltovich
Dr David Cooper
Florida State University 
February 2014 Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, managerial Decision Making, Economic Theory Nick Feltovich
Professor John List
University of Chicago 
March 2014 Experimental Economics Andreas Leibbrandt
Professor Mana Komai
St Cloud State University 
June – July 2014 Microeconomics, Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Economics of Information Phil Grossman
Associate Professor Steve Wu
Purdue University 
July 2014 Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics Jeff LaFrance
Professor Alain Marciano
University of Montpellier 
August 2014 Philosophy of Economics, Constitutional Economics Elias Khalil
Dr Tarun Jain
University of Lyon
August 2014 Development Economics, Labour Economics,
Experimental Economics
Pushkar Maitra
Professor Prashant Bharadwaj
University of California, San Diego 
September 2014 Development Economics, Labour Economics Pushkar Maitra
Professor Rann Smorodinsky
Israel Institute of Technology 
September 2014 Game Theory Elias Khalil
Dr Astrid Krenz
University of Goettingen 
September – November 2014 International Economics, Development Economics,
Economics of Education
Laura Puzzello
Professor Jason Lindo
Texas A&M University 
October 2014 Economics of health, children and young adults Jaai Parasnis
Professor Myles Watts
Montana State University 
October 2014 Agricultural Economics Jeff LaFrance
Professor Prabal Ray Chowdhury
Indian Statistical Institute 
November 2014 Game Theory, Development Economics Dyuti Banerjee
Associate Professor Jay Shimshack
Tulane University 
December 2014 Environmental Economics, Applied Economics, Public Policy Michael Ward
Professor Yves Zenou
Stockholm University
December 2014 Labour Economics, Development Economics Chongwooo Choe
Professor Marie-Claire Villeval
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
December 2014 Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics Lata Gangadharan
Professor Kai Konrad
Max Planck Institute 
December 2014 Fiscal Policy, Public Finance Paul Raschky
Professor Yeon-Koo Che
Columbia University 
December 2014 Economic Theory Chongwoo Choe