Green Impact

At Monash University we acknowledge we are all responsible for taking actions to minimise our impact on the environment. Our programs are as diverse as our people, and everyone has the opportunity to contribute to positive change.

Green Impact is back for its fifth year! The 2022 program will see staff and students making a sustainable difference in their work, study and lives. We have expanded the toolkit with new actions to complete either on or off campus, as well as at home. And due to the successful inclusion of students in last year's toolkit, the full program will now be offered to all staff and students, with some specific actions remaining for very tailored activities. We have also kept Labs as its own category.

What is Green Impact?

Green Impact is a positive staff and student engagement program that has been developed over the last 10 years, through Students Organising for Sustainability (UK). To date the program has been delivered to over 400 organisations and has reached more than 100,000 people, 20,000 of whom have actively taken part in the program. Green Impact is a continually improving, collaborative and meaningful program that embeds sustainable practices and healthy behaviours into the workplace and will help ensure Monash achieves its sustainability goals.

Green Impact at Monash

The 2022 Green Impact program is a team-driven challenge for staff and students, designed to embed sustainability in our work and study spaces and our everyday lives. Last year’s Green Impact Program was a fantastic success, with over 40 teams participating, contributing to over 40% of the actions taken in Australia/New Zealand, and 9% globally! Our teams also engaged over 13,000 of our colleagues in sustainability actions. As you can see, Monash indeed is making a ‘Green Impact’.

Participating in the program

To join, staff and students are encouraged to form a team and register for the online program.

Each participating team will have access to their own online toolkit where all the sustainability and, health and wellbeing tasks of the program will be waiting for your team to implement, achieve and record. Each criterion is a simple action you can undertake to improve sustainability and wellbeing in your area.

The health and wellbeing and campus sustainability teams will run online support events, provide regular updates, and will always be available to answer any questions you have. At the end of the program, each participating area will be audited and awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate based on their achievements.

For more information please visit the Green Impact website.