Coffee pods

To minimise single use packaging Monash sustainability recommends coffee machines that use coffee beans, rather than individual pods.

Pods cannot be placed in mixed recycling bins however some brands can be recycled through specialist recycling services.

If your department chooses pods there are a few recycling options depending on the brand and capsule type. Ask your supplier for more information.

Coffee pods recycling

Nespresso recycling program

Nespresso offers a free of charge service to customers seeking to recycle used aluminium capsules at their workplace. Order the recycling satchels or bulk recycling boxes through your online account. Return the satchels via the Monash internal mail system or at any Australia Post branch.

The bulk recycling boxes hold 1500 pods, and are collected by the Nespresso courier. Information is available at the Nespresso website.

(NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto® Plastic Capsules)

Recycling service (any brand of capsule)

Speciality recycler, TerraCycle, offer a prepaid service to recycle any brand of capsule which includes return postage. The box can hold up to 600 capsules. View more information on the TerraCycle website.