Monash University has several disposal methods for Monash owned electronic equipment depending on the type of eWaste.

Processes ensure valuable materials are safely recovered and reused, while reducing the damage electronic items have on the environment and human health.

e-Waste can be described as anything with a plug or battery, in working condition or faulty. This includes everything from old mobile phones, computers and related equipment, audio devices, refrigerators, toasters and kettles.

On 1 July 2019 the Victorian Government banned eWaste from landfill.

Monash University computer equipment and media (IT) - reuse and disposal

The IT Asset Disposal Program ensures university assets are accounted for at end-of-life, data erased and disposed of using methods that maximise residual value and meet the University’s environmental standards.

Monash University electronic equipment (non-IT) - reuse and disposal

Surplus or faulty Monash owned electronic equipment or furniture can be collected from your department via SCOUT service request online or contact Buildings and Property Division using the details below.

Phone: 9902 0222

Email: buildings.property@monash.edu

Monash Residential Services students can contact mrs.operations.uc@monash.edu for disposal options.