Coreflute recycling

Coreflute and fluteboard polypropylene sheet are often used for printing temporary event signage for both indoor and outdoor displays. These materials contaminated mixed recycling bins and do not break down in landfill. However, through a specialised separate collection they can be recycled. Material is sent to a local processing facility where it is processed for re-manufacture.

What can be recycled?

Coreflute and fluteboard polypropylene sheet must be collected separately, ensuring it is clean and dry with all contaminants removed. Place contaminated corflute or fluteboard in landfill bins.

The following materials must be removed before arranging a collection

  • Metal in any form (e.g eyelets hooks).
  • Dirt (grit, mud and stones).
  • Food scraps.
  • Paper and cardboard.
  • Tapes, glue and other adhesives.
  • Glass, wood and other plastics.
  • Non-polypropylene (PP) pressure sensitive labels, tapes & velcro.
  • Non-polypropylene (PP) plastic bags, films, bottles, foams etc.
  • PVC PolyVinyl Chloride (clear blister packs & flexible vinyl film) of any type. This material is dangerous in the recycling process and will not be accepted or tolerated.
  • All other general waste.


To arrange collection send your request via the maintenance system SCOUT or contact Buildings and Property Division via phone (9902 0222) or email (

Alternatively you can drop off at the Monash Reuse Centre (by appointment only)