Food and events

Sustainable events and meetings at Monash University

At Monash, we are committed to educating staff and students about how to make their on campus events, meetings and catering sustainable.

Our sustainable events and meeting guidelines have been developed to assist event organisers in running their events and meetings more sustainably, from planning and choice of venue, to event promotion, catering, transport and waste management. The guide provides a checklist to make it as simple as possible for event organisers who can choose to do as many of the checklist as they wish. Read the sustainable events and meetings guidelines.

Our team also works closely with retailers to ensure there are sustainable food options available on campus, providing staff and students with the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of their food consumption.

Making our food environments sustainable at Monash

We’re working with our campus food retailers to improve the environmental performance of their operations, including minimising waste to landfill, improved recycling, and reusable packaging options. To find out more visit the Monash food and retail web page.

Reusable Cups for events

Cups are available for hire at your next Clayton campus event, eliminating the need for single-use disposables. A mug wall is also available at Caulfield campus, if you’re after something a little more fun and eye catching.