Urban ecosystem: Thriving habitats

In the face of climate unpredictability and increasing extreme weather events, we're redesigning our campus landscapes to be adaptable and sustainable ecosystems, equipped to thrive into the future. We're inviting our community outdoors by creating sustainable landscapes filled with native trees, biodiversity and comfortable micro-climates which provide a place to gather, particularly during the warmer months. Our future campuses will build upon the uniquely Australian experience to deliver multi-functional spaces which provide enjoyment for our people, the wider community and our wildlife, including the flocks of bird species who seek respite and food amongst our gardens each year upon their migration journeys. Clever, sustainable design of our gardens will see the continued installation and permeable pathways and rainwater harvesting and treatment networks to capture, reuse and re-purpose this precious resource throughout our campus landscapes.

Further information is available in our Urban Ecosystems Implementation Plan.

Caulfield Campus grounds