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Create your own PlayWorld

There are five characteristic to consider when setting up and developing a Conceptual PlayWorld:

  • Characteristic 1: Selecting a story for the Conceptual PlayWorld
  • Characteristic 2: Designing the imaginary spaces
  • Characteristic 3: Entering and exiting the PlayWorld
  • Characteristic 4: Planning your problem to be solved
  • Characteristic 5: What role will you, as the teacher, take in the Conceptual PlayWorld

This article briefly explains each of the characteristic involved:

This free app will help you create your own imaginary PlayWorlds:

These tried and tested PlayWorlds will help you get started:

These resources from Modern Teaching Aids might be useful in setting up your Conceptual PlayWorld:

PlayWorld starters - quick and simple

PlayWorld starters - longer and more complex

Ready to commit to a longer and deeper experience with your children and team? Try these resources for longer PlayWorlds.