Alexandra Griffeth

Alexandra Griffeth Architectural Graduate, Grimshaw Architects
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2012 Master of Architecture 2014

I love the amazingly broad spectrum or projects I get to work on as an Architectural Graduate. In the 12 months I’ve been with Grimshaw Architects, I’ve been able to work on projects ranging from the initial design and development phase of a residential master plan to the delivery and construction of a public infrastructure project – broadening and developing the skills I practiced at Monash along the way. I’ve been given tasks that have really challenged my abilities, with more freedom and responsibility than I thought I would have at this stage in my career.

My Monash Architecture course provided so many opportunities to be in contact with industry. I was able to take part in two different design–build studios run in conjunction with the office I work at now. Coming into my current position, I felt fully equipped with the technical and design skills I needed to hit the ground running, and that I had enough background knowledge to support the on-the-job learning that is part of every day life as a Graduate.