Amy Killen

Amy Killen PhD Candidate and Industrial Designer, Metro (Sponsor) / Monash University and Aurelia Group Consulting
Bachelor of Industrial Design (honours) 2012

Monash equipped me with the skills and knowledge to gain jobs in the USA and Australia.

Amy Killen

Right after graduation, I travelled to the USA to work as an industrial designer for a studio in Florida. I’ve since returned to Australia and these days, I’m an industrial designer with Aurelia Group Consulting. However, the majority of my time is spent working on a PhD scholarship I received from Monash.

My PhD work is part of the ‘Sustainable and Effective Public Transport - Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Program’ (SEPT-GRIP). I am surrounded by incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic people, and enjoy both independently and collaboratively working on the tough research questions we have been challenged with.

Monash equipped me with the skills and knowledge required to gain jobs in studios in the USA and Australia and provided a pathway to continue my studies in the world of design research through an industry-funded scholarship.