Eleni Alexiadis

Eleni Alexiadis Interior Designer, Rptecture Architects
Bachelor of Interior Architecture (honours) 2014

I enjoy seeing works come to life after countless hours of hard work! I was always really interested in how space affects people and understanding the behavioural aspects of space. Interiors have an intimate relationship with us, on all levels.

Monash gave me the foundation required for beginning a career in the Interior Design industry. The course provided a platform for understanding how to apply a concept into a physical form. Between my third and fourth year, I got to take part in a work experience program. It was awesome – a really good chance for me to see how an architectural office operates as well as the kind of work that they do. As the course progressed, the classes got slightly more difficult, as expected, but this is where hard work and effort comes in. Sometimes this requires sacrifice, but a university degree is a marathon, not a race.