Elliott Baxter

Elliott Baxter Architect, Bruce Allen Architects
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2010 Master of Architecture 2012

As an architect, no two days are the same – I really enjoy the variety. I work within a small practice and as part of my job, I collaborate with allied designers, consult with engineers, and am a first-hand witness to all stages of construction. The collective feeling of creating and contributing to the future of our cities, spaces and environments is a powerful aspect of architecture.

For me, the highlight of studying at Monash was spending a semester abroad in Prato, Italy where I was able to adapt my architectural thinking to a unique context. Closer to home, as part of my studies I helped create the Kinglake Open Air Community Pavilion, a community facility for residents whose homes were destroyed by bushfires, and under the guidance of visiting Norwegian architects Rintala Eggertsson, I also helped create the Sealight Pavilion, a public art installation in the Docklands. Both of these Design-Make projects gave me and my fellow students the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of real-world structures and installations, putting theory into practice and offering unparalleled insight into materiality and construction. I found Monash to be an incredibly collaborative and supportive place and I made connections with fellow architects and designers that I’ve maintained since graduation.