Evie Blackman

Evie Blackman Architect, NAAU Studio
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2010 Master of Architecture 2012

I really enjoy the diversity that architecture offers. I’m particularly interested in the design of public spaces, and was able to find my own niche within the industry working as an associate at NAAU (Network for Advanced Architecture and Urbanism) Studio, a collaborative design practice which focuses on building in cities and urban environments. I’m also a mentor in the Australian Institute of Architects “Constructive Mentoring Program”. It’s an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with young people transitioning into industry and I’m always happy to have a chat with students and graduates about their future steps.

In the five years I studied architecture at Monash, I gained a broad knowledge of the profession and estabished connections with industry and mentors. I was able to tailor my studies by selecting projects and electives that focused on my specific interests, and the opportunity to study at Monash’s Prato campus in Italy was definitely a highlight of my degree. Monash taught me how to apply architectural thinking to varying contexts – an approach that has proved essential to my professional career.