Jessica Greaves

Jessica Greaves Graphic Designer, The View from Here
Bachelor of Visual Communication 2013

What do you like about what you do?
I get to be creative every day! It’s hard to think of my work as ‘a job’, as design and being creative is something that I am passionate about and love doing. I work in a studio with some fantastic designers who come from all over the world and am lucky enough to be able to collaborate with them, as well as learn from them. Learning within design never stops. It’s something that is constantly happening, challenging and developing me further as a designer and will continue to do so which is exciting!

How did your Monash degree help you?
Studying at Monash immersed me within the art and design world where I was able to grow my passion as well as learn the skills needed to be successful within the industry. Monash filled me with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration across a wide range of areas such as communication, typography, photography, architecture, digital design, illustration and many more. At Monash you learn from highly skilled and inspiring lecturers from all disciplines within art and design and being exposed to such people gives you motivation and confidence going forward into design outside of university.