Jo Szczepanska

Jo Szczepanska Head of Research and Development / Senior Experience Designer, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Bachelor of Industrial Design (honours) 2007

I think what’s most important is that you are passionate about what you’re doing. For me that means I need to feel I’m making a difference – adding a different voice with my designs. In my role at the ABC, I get to work with teams to imagine, design and build futures 5 to 10 years before they happen. It’s a fantastic job.

Monash taught me grounded design practice and gave me time to explore what type of designer I wanted to be. Although I chose to specialise in Industrial Design, the practical skills I leaned spanned everything from graphics to coding. Since graduation, I’ve built refugee camp simulations for Oxfam, researched electric vehicles and healthcare services for frog, reconstructed crime scenes for Victoria Police, and designed and wire-framed interfaces for industrial grade 3D printers. Monash gave me the confidence that I could do just about anything.