Max Wolff

Max Wolff Design Director (Greater China and IMG), Ford Motor Company
Bachelor of Industrial Design 1997

Max Wolff is an accomplished design leader with over a decades’ experience in the global automotive industry.

Max has extensive experience working in Asia and the US, and with teams in Europe and South America. He’s created, nurtured and matured design studios for brands at all ends of the spectrum, from Daewoo to Lincoln. He’s built and managed small and large teams, and has successfully worked on emerging technologies and blue-sky concepts.

Following his graduation from Monash University in 1997, Max was offered a position at General Motors Holden Design. During that time he worked on many projects, and swiftly advanced into a senior and then assistant chief designer position.

In 2003, Max moved to Seoul, Korea, where he was part of the General Motors Daewoo design team. By the end of that tenure, Max was leading a team for the global small vehicle as Design Director.

From Seoul, he moved to Detroit. There he was responsible for running the exterior design team for Cadillac, overhauling the entire sedan lineup.

Max began his Ford Motor Company career in 2011 as Director, Lincoln Design, and later moved back to Melbourne to run the Ford Design Studio.

As of 2019, Max divides his time between Melbourne and Shanghai as he guides and expands the Ford China design team.