Merric French

Merric French Senior Industrial Designer, BoxClever
Bachelor of Industrial Design (honours) 2013

I was taught by very passionate, knowledgeable and wise people who cared about their students.

Merric French

I really enjoy the pursuit of the perfectly designed object in light of all the good and bad things that can happen throughout a project. It's about forming the sometimes ethereal puzzle pieces, stemming from a single idea, into a physical representation of the client, the designer, the engineer, and the manufacturer. It's very personally satisfying to navigate your way through the many processes of making an object that you hope someone will appreciate. Just seeing the fruits of your hard work out in the world is very special.

Prior to commencing my Industrial Design degree at Monash, I was already doing a certain amount of design based projects. It was the training and instruction of the lecturers, namely Selby Coxon, Mark Richardson and Peter Elliott that made the course for me.

Although the course was broken up into various subjects, I was predominantly taught by a small group of very passionate, knowledgeable and wise people that really cared about the success of their students. People who were never willing to let you go through a project without challenging you and your assumptions of design and what that means in a broader context. It was the latter that had the most effect on me as a designer. Why something looks a certain way, or works a certain way or even why it even exists is a terribly important question for all designers to ask themselves.