Noush Irani

Noush Irani Interior Designer, II BY IV DESIGN, Toronto
Bachelor of Interior Architecture (honours) 2011

My role as a designer has been diverse, exciting, engaging, hard work and highly rewarding. As a creative professional, I love collaborating with like-minded individuals and working together to create inspiring spaces and experiences for the end user. I enjoy the design industry which has allowed me to explore the multi-faceted world of interiors. Since graduating from Monash, I've had the opportunity to work on interior design, furniture design, sculptural artwork and installations, staging and graphic design.

Monash University was an amazing hub of highly talented and creative designers in the making, who inspired me to push my own limits on creativity. My degree at Monash allowed me to develop high levels of conceptual thinking and problem solving skills and these have been useful in the workplace for design projects and otherwise.